Casey Rogers, Principal
 Anna Moose, Assistant Principal
 Ralph Collette, Assistant Principal
 Brandon Wykle, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Name Department‚Äč Position  Website
 Aguilar, Bernardo  World Language    
 Andrews, Kathleen  Guidance   Counselor A - F  
 Arrowood, Christy  Instructional Coach    
 Baker, Brent  Math    
 Baker, Byron  Social Studies    WebPage
 Baker, Kelly  Math   Department Chair  
 Barrier, Coley  English and Language Arts    
 Beall, Jeffery  Exceptional Children    
 Beam, Daphne  Exceptional Children   TA  
 Beam, Matilda  Science   Department Chair  
 Blackford, Shaddoe  English and Language Arts Department Chair  
 Bradshaw, Cindi  Exceptional Children    
 Buchanan, Heather  Science    
 Burgess, David  Exceptional Children  TA  
 Butler, Caroline  Math    
 Caldwell, Teresa  Office   Records  
 Chesson, Jonathon  Performing Arts   Band  
 Church, Lee  Media and Technology   Media Specialist/Web Master  
 Connelly, Terry LTC, OIC  JROTC  Department Chair  WebPage
 Cullen, Brian  English and Language Arts    
 Drum, Janet  Exceptional Children    
 Duckworth, Alison  Family and Consumer Science    
 Duncan, Mark  Health and Physical Education     
 Fisher, Jodi  Science    WebPage
 Fleming, Robert  Math    
 Fossett, Tim  English and Language Arts  Department Chair/AIG Chair  
 Frodge, Bradley  Exceptional Children    
 Gallagher, Cherise  Exceptional Children    
 Gant, Paul  Project Lead the Way    
 Gellys, Al  Social Studies    WebPage
 Gercken, David  Social Studies    WebPage
 Goforth, Holly  Math    WebPage
 Gutierrez, Daniel  English as a Second   Language  Department Chair  
 Gwynn, Raymond  Career and Technical Education    
 Haigler, Dustin  Career and Technical Education  FFA  
 Hampton, David  English and Language Arts    WebPage
 Hart, Rosalyn  Allied Health Science    WebPage
 Hasson, Debbie  Math    
 Heeth, Kristi  Exceptional Children    
 Hewat, John  Career and Technical   Education    
 Hines, Trina  JROTC    WebPage
 Howell, Amy  Allied Health Science  Department Chair  
 Jacumin-Simmons, Emilie  English as a Second Language    
 Johnson, Jennifer  Exceptional Children    
 Knopf, Ingrid  World Languages  Department Chair  WebPage
 Lane, Tammy  Cafeteria    
 Lawson, Whitney  English and Language Arts    
 Lewis, Chip  Business Education  Football Coach  
 Lingerfelt, Kim  English and Language Arts  National Honor Society  
 Little, Luke  Health and Physical   Education  Head Football Coach  
 Logan, Kim  Guidance   Gear Up Coordinator  
 Lyerly, Antonio  Health and Physical   Education    
 Malatin, Nikki  Science  Department Chair  
 Malatin, Phillip  Career Development   Coordinator  English as Second Language  
 Martin, Samantha  English and Language Arts    
 Mazzolini, Adam  Science  Track & Cross Country Coach  
 McCurry, Kevin  Custodian  Department Chair  
 McGimpsey, Robert  Exceptional Children  TA  
 McGlamery, Laura  English and Language Arts  Prom Coordinator  
 McNabb, Tammy  Drivers Ed    
 Mitchell, Pam  Office  Data Manager  
 Moose, Anna  Administration  Assistant Principal  
 Napier, William  Math    
 Nelson, Linda  Psychologist    
 Palmgren, Donny  Visual Arts  Department Chair  
 Peahuff, Graham  Exceptional Children    
 Pearson, Jean  Exceptional Children  Department Chair  
 Powell, Kristen  Exceptional Children    
 Radford, Vivian  Exceptional Children  Behavior Services  
 Reddick, Amber  Health and Physical   Education  Head Basketball Coach  
 Rickersen, Seth  Social Studies  Department Chair  WebPage
 Robinson, Matika  Guidance  Student Assistance Counselor  
 Rogers, Casey  Administration  Principal  
 Scott, Rob  ISS    
 Shuping, Amy  Career and Technical   Education  IMC/CDC  
 Silver, Brandi  Family and Consumer   Science    
 Simmons, Thomas  Media and Technology  IT  
 Smith, Heather  FACS    
 Smith, Keith  Science    WebPage
 Smith, Lawrence  Social Studies  Quiz Bowl Coach  WebPage
 Smith, Melissa  Project Lead the Way    
 Smith, Tim  Career and Technical   Education    
 Snipes, Alison  Guidance  Counselor G - O  
 Stamey, Angela  WPCC    
 Summerell, Robert  Performing Arts Chorus    
 Thomas, Victoria  Math    WebPage
 Thompson, Julie  Office  Payroll/Finance  
 Thwing, Kenneth  Math    WebPage
 Townsend, Conner  Career and Technical Education    
 Trevorrow, Roger  Social Studies    
 Turbeville, Lisa  Office  Nurse  
 Wall, Jessica  Athletic Trainer    
 Waters, Marylin  Exceptional Children  TA  
 Welty, Meghan  Exceptional Children  Department Chair  
 Whisnant, Kelli  Office  Attendance  
 Williams, Imani  Media and Technology  NCVPS/Credit Recovery  
 Williams, Lennetta  Guidance  Counselor P - Z  
 Williams, Lindsey  Math    
 Young, Betsy  Exceptional Children  TA  
 Zimmerman, Clint  Health and Physical Education    
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