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Acuff, Angie Office Records 2004  
Anderson, Tonia Office Finance /Payroll 2006  
Andrews, Kathleen Guidance Counselor A-F 2017 Freedom High School Counselors 
Arrowood, Christy Instructional Coach  2008 ACT Test Prep 
Baker, Brent Math  2219  
Baker, Byron Social Studies  2314 Mr. Baker's Website 
Baker, Kelly Math Department Chair 2217 Website: 3.14159265359 
Barrier, Coley English and Language Arts  2209  
Beam, Daphne  Exceptional Children TA 2317  
Beam, Matilda Science Department Chair 2181 Mrs. Beam's Website 
Blackford, Shaddoe English and Language Arts Department Chair  Ms. Blackford's site 
Bowman, Thedy World Languages  2116  
Bradshaw, Cindi Exceptional Children  2320  
Buchanan Science  2126 Mrs. Buchanan's Website 
Butler, Caroline Math  2221  
Chesson, Jonathon Performing Arts Band 2136 Freedom Bands 
Church, Lee Media and Technology Media Specialist/Web Master 2139 Media Center Website 
Collette, Ralph Administration Assistant Principal 2009  
Collins, Teresa Exceptional Children Interpreter 2678  
Connelly, Terry LTC, OIC JROTC Department Chair 2403 Terry E Connelly's Webpage 
Cullen, Brian English and Language Arts  2205 Mr. Cullen's Website 
Drum, Janet Exceptional Children  2678  
Duckworth, Alison Family and Consumer Science  2075 Mrs. Duckworth FACS 
Duncan, Mark Health and Physical Education  2137  
Ervin, Lisa Exceptional Children  2205  
Fisher, Jodi Science  2128 FISHSCIENCE 
Fossett, Tim English and Language Arts Department Chair/ AIG Chair 2208 Mr. Fossett's Home on the Web 
Franklin, Tonia Office Finance /Payroll 2006  
Frodge, Bradley Social Studies   World History Website 
Gallagher, Cherise Exceptional Children  2214  
Gant, Paul Project Lead the Way  2098  
Gellys, Al Social Studies  2314 Mr. Gellys Social Studies Class Website 
Gercken, David Social Studies  2311 Mr. Gercken's Civics Webpage 
Goforth, Holly Math  2215 Mrs. Goforth's Classes Website 
Gutierrez, Daniel English as a Second Language Department Chair 2104  
Haigler, Dustin Career and Technical Education FFA 2411 Mr. Haigler's Website 
Hampton, David English and Language Arts  2213 Mr. Hampton's Website 
Hart, Rosalyn Allied Health Science  2173 Ms. Hart's Website 
Hasson, Debbie Math  2218 Mrs. Hasson's Webpage 
Heeth, Kristi Exceptional Children  2323 Mrs. Heeth's Website 
Hewat, John Career and Technical Education  2153 Mr. Hewat's Website 
Hines, Trina JROTC  2403 Freedom JROTC Patriots  
Howell, Amy Allied Health Science Department Chair 2151 Ms. Howell's class Website 
Jacumin- Simmons, Emilie English as a Second Language    
Johnston, Miguel Math  207  
Jones, Diane Office Family Intervention 2678  
Jordan, Coran Career and Technical Education Department Chair 2121  
King, Buddy Social Studies  2307 Mr. King's Website 
Knopf, Ingrid World Languages Department Chair 2108 Ms. Knopf's Website 
Lane, Tammy Cafeteria  433-9589  
Lewis, Chip Business Education Football Coach 2141/2303 Freedom Athletics 
Lingerfelt, Kim English and Language Arts National Honor Society 2211 Mrs. Lingerfelt's Website 
Little, Luke Health and Physical Education Head Football Coach 2137  
Logan, Kim Guidance GEAR Up Coordinator 828 244-9481 GEAR UP NC Appalachian Partnership 
Lyerly, Antonio Health and Physical Education  2137  
Malatin, Nikki Science Department Chair 2125  
Malatin, Phillip Career Development Coordinator English as a Second Language 2315  
Martin, Samantha English and Language Arts  2210  
Mazzolini, Adam Science Track & Cross Country Coach 2127  
McCurry, Deborah Career and Technical Education Yearbook 7172  
McCurry, Kevin Custodian Department Chair 2044  
McDaniel, Janet Exceptional Children Interpreter 2323  
McGlamery, Laura English and Language Arts Prom Coordinator 2220 "The Glam" 
Mitchell, Pam Office Data Manager 2011  
Moose, Anna Administration Assistant Principal 2007  
Napier, William Math  2216 Napier's Math Website 
Palmgren, Donny Visual Arts Department Chair 2408 FHS Visual Arts Website 
Peahuff, Graham Exceptional Children  2303  
Pearson, Jean Exceptional Children Department Chair 2316 Ms. Pearson's Website 
Radford, Vivian Exceptional Children Behavior Services 2678  
Reddick, Amber Health and Physical Education Head Basketball Coach 2214 Women's Basketball 
Rickertsen, Seth Social Studies Department Chair 2313 Mr. Rickertsen's Webpage 
Robinson, Matika Guidance Student Assistance Counselor 2020  
Rogers, Casey Administration Assistant Principal/AD/Head Basketball Coach 2005 FHS Administration Website 
Scott, Rob ISS  2173  
Shuping, Amy Career and Technical Education IMC/CDC 2178  
Silver, Brandi Family and Consumer Science  2123  
Simmons, Thomas Media and Technology IT 2045  
Smith, Keith Science  2183 Keith Smith Science Website 
Smith, Lawrence Social Studies Quiz Bowl Coach 2309 Lawrence B. Smith, Ph.D. 
Smith, Tim Career and Technical Education  2175/2150  
Snipes, Alison Guidance Counselor G-O 2539 Freedom High School Counselors 
Thwing, Kenneth Math  2312 Kenneth Thwing 
Trevorrow, Roger Social Studies  2305 Mr. T's Social Studies Page 
Turbeville, Lisa Office Nurse 2098  
Walker, Mara Performing Arts Chorus 2135  
Welty, Meghan Exceptional Children Department Chair 2203 Mrs. Welty's Extend 1 Class 
Whitman, Ginger English and Language Arts  2212 Mrs. Whitman's Website 
Williams, Imani Media and Technology NCVPS/Credit Recovery 2177  
Williams, Lennetta Guidance Counselor P-Z 2018 Freedom High School Counselors 
Williams, Lindsay Math  2215 Mrs. Williams Website 
Zimmerman, Clint Health and Physical Education  2141  
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